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hdmi output android 4.1 jelly bean with dual-core 1.6ghz arm cortex a9 ac charger & user manual....


Publisher:Polaroid, Model:PTAB1050, Binding:Personal Computers, Size:10.1", Manufacturer:Polaroid, Product Group:Personal Computer, Label:Polaroid, Department:Electronics & Computers, Package Quantity:1, Brand:Southern Telecom, Title:Polaroid PTAB1050 10" Internet Tablet prices are listed below, Part Number:PTAB1050, Studio:Polaroid, UPC:0680079719203, EAN:0680079719203, Product Type Name:TABLET_COMPUTER, MPN:PTAB1050,


Refurbished:0, New:2, Used:0,


Ptab1050 10 Tablet Internet Polaroid was posted on Saturday, October 12th, 2013

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  • 7-inch 16 4.1 Ddr3 Tablet Bean Black - Jelly Digital2 512mb Android Pre-loaded Internet 9 4gb Family Capacitive Movie Multi-touch Screen One - AttributesColor:Black, Trade In Value:$9.50, UPC:0855791004153, Product Type Name:TABLET_COMPUTER, Manufacturer:Digital2, Operating System:Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Brand:Digital2, Product Group:Personal Computer, Model:D2-712_BK, Studio:Digital2, Is Eligible For Trade In:1, Publisher:Digital2, Title:Digital2 7-Inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean/ 4GB/512MB DDR3/16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Internet Tablet with One Pre-loaded Family Movie - Black prices are listed below, Label:Digital2, EAN:0855791004153, Binding:Personal Computers, OffersRefurbished:0, Used:6, New:2, ItemLength:7.6(inch) Height:4.6(inch) Weight:0.71(lbs) Width:0.35(inch) Features...(posted on 2013-06-25 09:10:09)
  • Kyros Gb Coby Internet Tablet 7-inch 4 2.3 Touchscreen Android - Mid7125-4g Black - ItemWeight:0.87(lbs) Length:7.68(inch) Height:0.53(inch) Width:4.75(inch) AttributesLabel:Coby, Warranty:Limited 1-year parts and 90-days labor, Product Type Name:TABLET_COMPUTER, SKU:IGRMKV3217, Studio:Coby, Publisher:Coby, Package Quantity:1, Hardware Platform:Unknown, EAN:0716829771259, UPC:0716829771259, Number Of Items:1, Operating System:Android 2.3, MPN:MID7125-4G, Product Group:Personal Computer, Title:Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet - MID7125-4G (Black) prices are listed below, Color:BLACK, Brand:Coby, Sellers Legal Disclaimer:Please be aware that, I will not accept any return., Part Number:MID7125-4G...(posted on 2013-06-25 15:10:07)
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  • Micro Tablet Internet Velocity Wifi 7 2gb - OffersNew:0, Refurbished:1, Used:0, Review great for saving downloads the velocity micro cruz t103 internet tablet features its android 2.2 operating system that promotes impressively smooth user interface and access to hundreds of fun apps on google play apps and lots of media you need. it is equipped with 2gb of internal storage.... AttributesOperating System:linux, EAN:0877935002979, Title:Velocity Micro 7" 2GB WiFi Internet Tablet prices are listed below, Brand:Velocity Micro, Part Number:RB-Cruz T103 Refurb, Publisher:Velocity Micro, Manufacturer:Velocity Micro, UPC:0877935002979, Product Type Name:TABLET_COMPUTER, Package Quantity:1, Binding:Personal Computers, S...(posted on 2013-06-26 11:10:05)
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  • Wifi 8gb 7 Multi Sensor- 1ghtz Android X Mypad Screen Pixels Front Tablet 1024 Touch Camera Inch 600 Capacitive Pc White G - 1ghtz Review camera: front camera 2.0 mega pixel no need to wait processor: freescale imx515.... OffersNew:0, Used:0, Refurbished:1, Pricesbuy Refurbished 1ghtz Price:$49.95 (06/26/2013 11:10) + FREE Shipping 75% off, Category:Personal Computer, Usually ships in 1-2 business days PackageWidth:6.7(inch) Height:2.1(inch) Weight:1.7(lbs) Length:9.6(inch) AttributesHardware Platform:linux, UPC:0700220577213, Product Type Name:TABLET_COMPUTER, Binding:Personal Computers, MPN:N/A, Title:Mypad 7 Inch Android Tablet PC 8GB, 1Ghtz, 1024 x 600 pixels, Multi Touch Capacitive Screen, WiFi, Front Camera, G Sensor- WHITE prices are listed below, Part Number:N/A...(posted on 2013-06-26 11:10:09)
  • Dragon Touch Capacitive Screen Gsensor A10 Black Google Mid70404b Tm 4.0 Tablet By 7 Android Mid 4gb Tabletexpress - - mid70404b Review music playing: mp3,wma,ape,flac,wav format user manual camera:0.3mpx chinesetradition.... Pricesbuy New mid70404b Price:$69.99 (06/27/2013 01:10) + FREE Shipping 63% off, Category:Personal Computer, Usually ships in 24 hours buy Used mid70404b Price:$49.99 (06/27/2013 01:10) + FREE Shipping 74% off, Category:Personal Computer, Usually ships in 24 hours FeaturesScreen size: 7.0 inches. Five-point capacitive touch screen 512MB DDR3 memory, 4GB built-in Storage Processor combined A10 Cortex-A8 1.2GHz Android 4.0 operating system OffersUsed:1, Refurbished:0, New:4, PackageWeight:1.25(lbs) Width:6.1(inch) Length:9.3(inch) Height:2.8(inch) ItemWidth:4.7(inch) Weight:0....(posted on 2013-06-27 01:10:07)
  • Much More Built Touchscreen 4.0 Wifi Internet Elsse Tm Player Android Media 4.3 Inch - Pricesbuy New Price:$49.99 (06/27/2013 01:10) + FREE Shipping 50% off, Category:Personal Computer, Usually ships in 1-2 business days PackageWeight:0.7(lbs) Width:3.9(inch) Length:5.6(inch) Height:2(inch) OffersUsed:0, Refurbished:0, New:4, ItemWeight:0.25(lbs) Height:3.54(inch) Width:1.18(inch) Length:4.72(inch) Review browse photos and check up a few web pages families and all those you care about it might not be as powerful as full size tablets or ipad.... AttributesBrand:Elsse, Product Group:Personal Computer, EAN:0012235212547, Publisher:Elsse, Hardware Platform:Tablet, Package Quantity:1, Title:Elsse (TM) 4.3 Inch Android 4.0 Internet Touchscreen Media Player with Built in ...(posted on 2013-06-27 01:10:17)
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